Hi, geeky fangirl from Belgium here! TV series, Marvel movies, comics and books and a certain boyband rule my life. Multi fandom blog as I tend to roll from one obsession straight into another. Hard to keep up sometimes!

Hate free blog!

Also, here be spoilers!!

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i love shipping because you are basically in love with two people being in love

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How did I end up with so many ships, jesus christ

At first it was like


and now it’s just like


who is on the big ship?

the OTP of all OTPs

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Fandoms: on my blog you’ll mostly find Supernatural posts, closely followed by Doctor Who and Sherlock. I’m in other fandoms too, but these 3 shows I’m just obsessed obsessed obsessed about! :D

My biggest ships are:

  • Supernatural: Wincest, J2, Swesson
  • Sherlock: John/Sherlock
  • Merlin:Merthur

Weirdly, I don’t really ship any Doctor Who pairings a lot, although I used to read my fair share of Jack/Ten, The Doctor/ The Master fics :)

When I’m not reading my SuperLock and Merlin fics (which is most of the time really), I like to indulge in some other ships too:

  • Glee: Klaine
  • X-Men: Erik/Charles
  • Star Trek: Kirk/Spock
  • Queer as Folk: Brian/Justin
  • Torchwood: Jack/Ianto

When I get in my Star Trek mood though, I can really obsess with Spirk fanfiction too!  ^^

As you can see, I’m a rather rigid, one ship/ OTP per fandom girl. And I mostly blog about my favourite ships/characters. Doesn’t mean I don’t like other characters in the show, it’s just that I can’t but focus all my obsessive attention on the one ship :D

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