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And here’s the J2 side to my Supernatural fanfic rec list :-)

Arguing on the Internet is Like… - poor_choices (~6,800 words)

Summary: Jensen doesn’t know why everyone always thinks he’s the gay one.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue - belyste (~38,000 words)

Summary: When Jared desperately needs a date for his brother’s wedding, he hires an escort. Jensen’s the perfect fake boyfriend, except pretty soon things get a little too real.

Bert and Ernie Make It Look So Easy - raeschae (~9,000 words)

Summary: For Jensen, sex with Jared has never been difficult. Living with him, however, is going to take a little work.

as this sunset turns to morning - mournthewicked (~86,000 words)

Summary: Jensen spends his life hiding who he is from the family that would never accept him if they knew. When he’s uprooted in the middle of his senior year and suddenly becomes the new kid, his carefully placed mask begins to slip. Especially when he meets Jared – a loud, outspoken spectacle of a boy that fights for everything Jensen was taught to stand against. Jared has no problem going after what he wants, and now it’s just a matter of Jensen letting himself do the same.

Here for the Moment - gypsy_sunday (~35,000 words)

Summary: When Jensen crashes into Jared’s life, quite literally, Jared is only too happy to go along for the ride. What starts as a happy twist of fate leads into something more, and Jared soon realizes his feelings for Jensen are only getting stronger with time. But Jensen is caught up in a past that Jared can’t be a part of, and being happy in love ends up being more complicated than Jared thought.

Who Watches Ove Me? - thenyxie (~96,7000 words)

Summary: Jensen Ackles is an ex-Navy SEAL turned civilian bodyguard with a mysterious past. Jared Padalecki is a flamboyant Hollywood star known for his action movies who’s been receiving death threats. The case sounds like Jensen’s idea of a nightmare, and he takes it on against his better judgment. Jared drags him to clubs and parties and award ceremonies without any care for how difficult he’s making Jensen’s job, and to his complete lack of surprise, they hate each other. But when hate changes into passion, it begins to reveal something deeper between them, and Jensen realizes he’s in over his head. Can he still do his job and keep Jared safe? Or will he fall prey to his greatest fear and fail someone… again?

reinventing love verse - mournthewicked

Summary: Coming out to your best friend isn’t easy. But then again, neither is falling in love with him.

Do I seem bulletproof to you? - fleshflutter (~96,000 words)

Summary: When he can’t find any acting work, Jared takes a job as driver and bodyguard to Jensen, who is an extremely expensive prostitute with a bad habit of attracting crazy people.

The Courtship of Jensen’s Co-Star - qblackheart (~112,000 words)

Summary: Somewhere in the time between a handshake and a hug, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki went from being reel-life brothers to real-life best friends, and complete strangers to cosmic soul mates, no rhyme or reason to it that either of them could ever see. Jared was everything Jensen was not: friendly, funny, and full of life; one in six-point-whatever billion the Earth’s population currently stood at. Life was awesome. Work was amazing. Everything was fine until Jared kissed Jensen. Everything was peachy until Jensen fell in love. With desperate times unexpectedly calling for desperate measures, Jensen called Chad Michael Murray for relationship advice – because being in love led to temporary insanity obviously – so it really didn’t surprise him that he couldn’t seem to win when it came to wooing Jared. Still, Pisces must’ve been in a really good place in the night sky or something because suddenly, right smack dab in the middle of the miserable courtship of his co-star, Jensen discovered that maybe loving Jared was all he needed to do to win his heart. And luckily for Jensen, loving Jared was also the one thing he did best.

My favourite J2 fic of all times

Royally Complicated - aythia (~52,200 words)

Summary: Jensen’s completely sick of his completely dull life; despite a great apartment, a job he loves, and well-intentioned friends who want nothing but the best for him, he’s bored out of his skull. When those well-intentioned friends drunkenly book him a trip to beautiful and exotic Los Roques, Venezuela, Jensen figures he’ll make the best of it, and if that happens to include a fling with a handsome and mysterious stranger he never expects to see again, so much the better.

And The Rest, As They Say, Is History - raina

Summary: Struggling actor Jensen takes a job as big-shot movie star Jared Padalecki’s dogsitter. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Alternate Universe - Blink-sum-new-muse (~8,000 words)

Summary: So one morning, Jensen wakes up and his life suddenly isn’t his any more.

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So, I thought it was about time for me to list some of my favourite wincest fics for your reading pleasure! I prefer Bottom!Sammy, but in some of these fics both boys bottom it out. Mostly NC-17 I think, I love me some hot smexing!

Howl - Paxlux (~84,657 words)

Summary: Sam’s forever the supernova of Dean’s galaxy, exploding and dragging Dean into his destruction, into their shared oblivion, then they do it all over again, and Dean needs Sam to keep creating him and destroying him, and dammit all to fuck, but he loves his brother.

Seriously, if there’s one wincest fic everyone has to have read, it ‘s this one.

Blow Me verse and How To Date Your Brother - Rockstarpeach

Summary: series of fics in which Sam and Dean sometimes have sex with each other but are totally not gay.  According to them, anyway.

Really enjoyed this verse, all about the hot sex between our boys!

Since Feeling is First - queenklu (~14,500 words)

Summary: That he wants to think this is Dean yanking a leash should make his blood run cold, not aching hot. It should make him sick, angry, it should get his fucking hackles up and make him fight. 

Nice fic set in season 6, when Sam’s got his soul back and Dean decides Sam and him need to get away from hunting and everything for a while so they buy a house and fix it up.

The Truth in the Lie - flawedamythyst (~63.000 words)

Summary: Sam and Dean pretend to be gay lovers while they hunt a monster on a bus tour of Nova Scotia. Oh, yes, it has all those clichés and more!

Stranger Than Fiction- thenyxie (~50,500 words)

Summary: Set after The Monster at the End of this Book. Dean gets obsessed with fanfiction, which leads to hot sex with Sam, also the Apocalypse is still going on.

Crush - sonofabiscuit77 (~61,000 words)

Summary: Five years after the apocalypse didn’t happen and Sam and Dean have settled down, or as much as the Winchesters can ever settle down. Sam is a college professor and Dean a well-respected small business owner and they’re learning how to balance work, hunting and dog-ownership while coping with the metaphorical and literal scars of war. Switching between five years earlier and now, we learn how the boys came together, how they made it through the big fight and whether they’ll ever manage to find that flighty temptress, happily ever after.

Calling the Shots - veronamay (~2,339 words) 

Summary: Sam/Dean, biting, rough sex, marking. Toppy-rough-mandhandling-marking-you-up-talking-filthy-in-your-ear-possessive-as-all-hell!Dean. Sam really, really likes it. Hell, I just wanna see Dean fucking Sam into next week.

A hot Toppy!Possessive!Dean Bottom!Sammy PWP, justthe way I like it!

Waiting Games- nutkin (~14,466 words)

Summary: The bad news is that Sam’s ability is changing. The worse news is that he’s having visions of him and Dean. Doing that.

Last outpost of all that is - gekizetsu (~61,700 words)

Summary: The world is over, and it’s a Winchester’s lot in life to cope with anything – no matter what.

A fandom classic.

If we keep living this fast, no one will have time to die -oxoniensis (~5,512 words)

Summary: In Montana, Sam falls. In Nevada, he falls in love. He won’t realize for months, but when he does and looks back, it is in Nevada, that evening by the roadside, hip to hip with Dean leaning against the car, an ache in his belly he doesn’t understand and that food doesn’t fill.

Old Ghosts - Gillian Middleton (~48,338 words)

Summary: AU story where Sam and Dean were separated as children and meet as adults, not knowing they are brothers. They fall in love, but they have Dean’s past & Sam’s family to contend with. And then there is the biggest secret of them all…

Flying Weight - fleshflutter (~48,000 words)

Summary: Sam wakes after being soulless for three years to discover that Dean and his relationship with him have undergone some serious changes. Through traveling and hunting with Dean, Sam struggles to put his life back together after events he has only limited memory of. A season six wincest AU

One saved message - ratherastory (~6,500 words)

Summary: After a hunting accident puts Sam out of commission for a couple of days, Dean decides to surprise his brother with a new phone, since his old one is toast. Even better is when he finds that he’s been able to save all of Sam’s old information and restore it to his cell. That’s when he discovers an old voicemail that Sam has kept saved for the last two and a half years

I’ll never get over the fact that Sammy will never know that that voicemail wasn’t from Dean. Gaargh, all these feelings!

The Outlaw Dean Winchester - runedgirl (~36,900 words)

Summary: When Sam and Dean’s loyalty to each other keeps them saying no to Michael and Lucifer, Zachariah sets out to prove that it’s only out of a twisted sense of obligation. That if they weren’t brothers, what would be between the Winchesters would be nothing like love.

An Undreamt Thing - setissma (~13,000 words)

Summary: After selling his soul to save Sam, Dean starts hearing people’s thoughts.

That Seven-Letter Word - mikhale (~1,755 words)

Summary: Schmoop stretched across a series of snapshots.

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